Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Things I Dislike Seeing in Books + Some books that managed to pull them off!

tuesday top 10s final

i’m writing this late bc im a mess and i spent the last 24 hours HARDCORE binging ‘grave mercy’ and every time i reminded myself of all the things i had to get done, my brain was like,,,,,”bUT THE BOOK”

guess who won??

anyways, last week, i went all soft and wrote about the top 10 things i love to see in books and so to balance my sweet, here’s some salt

but not entirely salt bc i am also going to be mentioning SOME books that used this tropes, but played them well

flower watercolour10. lots of dialogue

i think this is only a me thing bc i haven’t seen a lot of people complain about it, but i find it really tiring when a book is FILLED with dialogue and there’s hardly development of the plot, setting, conflict etc.

naturally, its going to be lacking bc with dialogue, you’re going to have a lot of //telling// rather than //showing//

Related image

flower watercolour

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Things I Love to See in Books + Books that did them great!

tuesday top 10s final

my disclaimer for this post is that none of these rankings actually count bc these are all my favourite and i love seeing them in books so much and if i could rank them all #1 i would.

sadly, life isn’t fair.

so here we go, some of the things I ADORE in books.

flower watercolour10. friendships

beautiful, wholesome, sweet friendships have been garnering more attention in YA books and I adore it. it’s not something hard to come by, but it does improve a book immensely (in my very humble, honest, professional opinion)

some very adorable books that ft. beautiful friendships are:

Image result for everything beautiful is not ruined cover  Image result for speak easy speak love cover  Image result for the revenge playbook cover  Image result for this adventure ends cover

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Monthly Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final


im not even talking about statistics, im talking about the sheer amount of books that i genuinely ENJOYED reading. so many series ended 😭😭😭 and there were so many new favourites that i came across, what a fantastic month

also the weather is freezing here so im constantly drowning in hoodies, so october is officially the Best.

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Monthly TBR

November Bullet Journal

is this going to be a monthly thing?? i sure hope not.

I honestly wasn’t sure i’d even get to drawing these spreads out properly this month, with kingdom of ash out and all.

turns out i’m more scared of the series ending than stumbling upon spoilers (that’s an exaggeration, KEEP SPOILERS AWAY FROM ME) that’s why i spent like 3 hours of precious reading time drawing these spreads

i know, yikes.

anyways, excuse the lighting. it was dark and i was relying on a lamp and my awful editing skills

(click here to see my spreads for October’s Bullet Journal)

~ i get the majority of my spread ideas from different artists on pinterest and some are just like a hybrid of two really cute spreads ~


you can barely see the little stick that says November, but i assure you, it is there. i thought this was a REALLY cute fall theme so yeah

flower watercolour

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)

tuesday top 10s final

excuse the awful post in advance, im getting over a flu and even though i feel gross and vicks is my current bestie, kingdom of ash is being released tomorrow (yes im being a responsible human and having this post scheduled) and i wanted to post something before the whole shenanigans broke out (i will SCREAM if i get spoiled)

and so i thought a recommendation post would work perfectly. 😉 my lifelong aesthetic is and forever will be sibling representation in books.

not to be gross and sappy but my siblings are my life, and whenever i see accurate representation of siblings in books i happily freak out and internally scream for hours

yeah, im,,,,,slightly dramatic

also when i was checking other people’s lists for this topic some had ‘forbidden’ (,,,,,they were referring to the incest book) listed and i was just like ???yikes??? and decided that it was now my civil duty to share the books that feature actual, proper, healthy sibling relationships

so without further ado, here we are:

(sidenote: you should get all these books asap and read them and scream with me bc,,,,,thats the only reason why i actually wrote this post)

flower watercolour10. Fangirl

Image result for fangirl goodreads coverfangirl features twin sisters that just started college. our mc, the introvert, is having a hard time adjusting to the new life and would much rather tag along with her sister, the extrovert. (hashtag relatable)

anyways, its really heartwarming and sweet and there’s playful sibling banter, which is always great Continue reading “Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)”

Tea Time Talk

How to Read More in Less Time – (time management tips from someone who needs them)

TTT (yikes, that graphic is horrendous. I wonder who thought that was a great idea 🤨)

hello friends,

I woke up in an….extremely chatty mood it seems bc here I am writing a discussion (??) post while Im supposed to be doing a lot of other things

this post was formed from my conscience trying to help me fix my life and manage my time better but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

like really, someone who spends more time on youtube watching reading vlogs than actually reading should probably be taking her own advice don’t you think??

in truth, having read over 600 books in 4 years probably does give me some license to speak on the topic but Im just getting my daily dose of self-deprecation in

so I present to you: How to Read More in Less time

flower watercolour

flower4Allot Specific Times in the Day for Reading Onlyflower4

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Underrated Books – (this is my subtle way of telling you to read them asap)

tuesday top 10s final

me: *waiting for my blogging motivation to come home from war*

so this is a situation.

idek what’s up with me its totally inktober, its ruining my life but i literally just have no motivation to write anything.

and like nano’s coming up next month and i was planning on maybe, perhaps, hopefully, being able to finish my current WIP and starting a new one much hopes but at the rate i’m going, another year is going to go by AND MY WIP IS STILL GOING TO BE INCOMPLETE AAAAAAA

okay sorry you had to witness an actual breakdown, im okay, i swear but seriously, does anyone know how to end a novel in a satisfying way bc halp

but since i’m a lost soul, I figured i’d just do a top 10 post bc nothing makes me feel better than encouraging more people to read my favs 😇

flower watercolour

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Books I Need to Read Before 2019

tuesday top 10s final

in case you didnt know, i read a lot, like a lot, and sometimes i feel like ‘yeah i’m not doing too bad at this reading thing. sure my life is a mess and my social skills are lacking but this reading thing, yeah i totally got this’

. . . that is . . . until i look to my tbr and see how many HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOKS I STILL HAVENT READ

– cue existential crisis –

so in attempts to ‘pull my life together,’ i’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books i need to bloody read before 2019

someone needs to hold me to my word, like maybe punch me if i dont have this done, thanks you’re a hero

flower watercolour10. The Knife of Never Letting Go

Image result for the knife of never letting go cover


i have next to no idea what this series is about and the only book i’ve read from patrick ness was a Monster Calls, however, the ratings are high and everyone loves it and its been sitting on my tbr since i was born so why not?

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