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Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)

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excuse the awful post in advance, im getting over a flu and even though i feel gross and vicks is my current bestie, kingdom of ash is being released tomorrow (yes im being a responsible human and having this post scheduled) and i wanted to post something before the whole shenanigans broke out (i will SCREAM if i get spoiled)

and so i thought a recommendation post would work perfectly. 😉 my lifelong aesthetic is and forever will be sibling representation in books.

not to be gross and sappy but my siblings are my life, and whenever i see accurate representation of siblings in books i happily freak out and internally scream for hours

yeah, im,,,,,slightly dramatic

also when i was checking other people’s lists for this topic some had ‘forbidden’ (,,,,,they were referring to the incest book) listed and i was just like ???yikes??? and decided that it was now my civil duty to share the books that feature actual, proper, healthy sibling relationships

so without further ado, here we are:

(sidenote: you should get all these books asap and read them and scream with me bc,,,,,thats the only reason why i actually wrote this post)

flower watercolour10. Fangirl

Image result for fangirl goodreads coverfangirl features twin sisters that just started college. our mc, the introvert, is having a hard time adjusting to the new life and would much rather tag along with her sister, the extrovert. (hashtag relatable)

anyways, its really heartwarming and sweet and there’s playful sibling banter, which is always great Continue reading “Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)”