Monthly Wrap Ups

July Reading Wrap Up – where i slumped for 2 weeks and binged for 2 weeks ✌️

wrap up

july was, in short, a disaster. it’s what happens when you place responsibility and expectations on me, basically no turn out 😁 yay thats fun.

i pretty much spent the ENTIRE first half of the month watching booktube and cooking shows and completely ignored reading and my art and really, this is what my peak existence looks like.

but aren’t we ALL GLAD the reading rush happened bc that was the ONLY thing that saved my reading career and gave me content for this wrap up.

ALSO I WANT TO MENTION, i feel absolutely CHEATED that i read over 500 pages of Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, that mammoth of a book and i am NOT allowed to include it in my wrap up bc i still have 500 pages to go.

what kind of discrimination is this??? i want to talk to the manager

ahem, anyways.


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Monthly Wrap Ups

February Wrap Up – !!21 books!! + read-a-thon, & failing YARC?

month wrap up final

this wrap up is like my ‘contemporary-a-thon reads ft. a couple other books’ bc after contemporary-a-thon i basically had a burnout and didn’t touch books for like 5 days, it was an Experience and not a good one. 10/10 people wouldn’t recommend.

i jest though, because in reality, i read 21 BOOKS IN 28 DAYS!??!??!!?


i am concerned for myself (and my social life) bc aside from the readathon, i didnt feel like i was pushing myself to read?? how does this make sense??

actually, the answer, as you will see, is ~*audiobooks*~

freaking life savers, those things.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

January Wrap Up – 2019

month wrap up final

i feel like the most reoccuring theme in my life is just,,,,,,ghosting on everyone for weeks at a time (oops) i’m really sorry for just ditching y’all 😭😭😭

is it just me, or does blogging sometimes get really overwhelming and stressful?? but anyways, i MISSED each and everyone of you (if anyone is still here) so much!! (pretend im showering you in heart emojis bc that’s exactly what i’m doing)

anyways!! i should be back (yes ma’am, i have scheduled posts for the majority of febuary, who EVEN AM I????)

for today, i have my january wrap up and can i just say january has been a fantastic month for me (aside from like runny noses and sore throats) i’ve read SO MANY amazing books and found so many new favourites and THE YEAR JUST STARTED!!!

i’m happy if you can’t tell

i will stop rambling now.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final


im not even talking about statistics, im talking about the sheer amount of books that i genuinely ENJOYED reading. so many series ended 😭😭😭 and there were so many new favourites that i came across, what a fantastic month

also the weather is freezing here so im constantly drowning in hoodies, so october is officially the Best.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

September Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final

i think i found my calling as like,,,,a human sloth or something. i was supposed to have this post ready in like a ‘update as you go’ format (i’m so revolutionary with my ideas, i know) so that when the months ends im not scrambling to put a decent post together

yeah, well past may has different plans it seems. i resent her so much

anywho, i just had my caffeine and a literal brownie for breakfast, bc you know, nutrition and all, so here we go

flower watercolour

I read a total of 21 books. 7 physical books 📕, 9 e-books 📱, and 5 audiobooks 🎧. Links will take you to my reviews for each book.

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