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January Wrap Up – 2019

month wrap up final

i feel like the most reoccuring theme in my life is just,,,,,,ghosting on everyone for weeks at a time (oops) i’m really sorry for just ditching y’all 😭😭😭

is it just me, or does blogging sometimes get really overwhelming and stressful?? but anyways, i MISSED each and everyone of you (if anyone is still here) so much!! (pretend im showering you in heart emojis bc that’s exactly what i’m doing)

anyways!! i should be back (yes ma’am, i have scheduled posts for the majority of febuary, who EVEN AM I????)

for today, i have my january wrap up and can i just say january has been a fantastic month for me (aside from like runny noses and sore throats) i’ve read SO MANY amazing books and found so many new favourites and THE YEAR JUST STARTED!!!

i’m happy if you can’t tell

i will stop rambling now.

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