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!!Inktober Highlights!! – 2018 (why am i doing this to myself)

Image result for inktoberwhen people say ‘get out of your comfort zone,’ what they mean is participate in inktober

anyways IM SO EXCITED(!!!!) to share my Inktober highlights of 2018 with y’all

i didnt have a perfect month, some days i was so busy i wasn’t able to get any drawing done (i doubled up the next day, dw) and some days i have no motivation and would just sit scrolling through pictures of other people’s drawings for an hour and some days i drew actual, literal garbage


that is to say, i only chose the pictures that I drew on those ‘great’ days

i forgot how hard it is to draw and shade and make detail without pencils wow

(this is me taking pictures with zero skill in photography and editing, i tried my best okay, be nice)

I also want to mention that i copied all of these pictures off of drawings that i found on pinterest and so i have no idea who the original artists are

alright enough yabbering, enjoyyyyy (and yes you’re allowed to give feedback and constructive criticism)

flower watercolour

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