Monthly Wrap Ups

February Wrap Up – !!21 books!! + read-a-thon, & failing YARC?

month wrap up final

this wrap up is like my ‘contemporary-a-thon reads ft. a couple other books’ bc after contemporary-a-thon i basically had a burnout and didn’t touch books for like 5 days, it was an Experience and not a good one. 10/10 people wouldn’t recommend.

i jest though, because in reality, i read 21 BOOKS IN 28 DAYS!??!??!!?


i am concerned for myself (and my social life) bc aside from the readathon, i didnt feel like i was pushing myself to read?? how does this make sense??

actually, the answer, as you will see, is ~*audiobooks*~

freaking life savers, those things.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

contemporary-a-thon wrap up! 📜

month wrap up final

this past week, i’ve been reading like crazy. contemporary a thon was held between the 11th to the 17th of february and it was an absolute delight to participate in. i loved keeping up with the videos and blog posts and tbrs and updates everyone was posting.

such a good time.

within the week, i was SOMEHOW able to read a total of 10 books (im just as shook as you are!!!) 5 physical books 📕, 3 e-books 📱, and 2 audiobooks 🎧

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Monthly Wrap Ups

Contemporary-A-Thon Wrap Up – I think we can call it a success

month wrap up final

^ lowkey bothering me that it says “monthly” wrap up when this is a week wrap up but im too tired to make a whole new picture for a single post, moving on

the contemporary-a-thon was held between 17th of sept. till the 23rd and it was so much fun to participate in. I was able to read so many fantastic books that i’ve been meaning to get to and who doesn’t love a good contemporary (the answer is no one)

I read a total of 9 books. 4 physical books 📕, 3 e-books 📱, and 2 audiobooks 🎧
(omg yes, i technically listened to the audiobooks, not read them, yes, i know)

flower watercolour

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