Blogging and Me – our toxic relationship 😷


Okay, so maybe the title is exaggerating the sliiiiightest bit.

the toxic part of this relationship is me ghosting on my little blog baby every few months and my blog accepting me back everytime I return and say ‘im sorry I’ll never leave you again like that’ because like really, it’s a blog, it doesn’t have much of a say in anything I do

Ever since I started this blog, I always felt like I was moving against this invisible force. I don’t know why, but I think I put a lot of personal mental pressure on myself this is a reoccurring theme in my life to make my blog the ~*best*~ it could be

And clearly, it wasn’t working.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

Wrapping Up the Year: a look into the highs and lows of my 2019 reading career

featured image

hiiiiiiiii book friends!!

In my absolute fashion, I am 5 months late on publishing this post and i considered staying hidden in my hole of sadness and unproductivity and not post at all, but you see, even i am not that pathetic. and also ok, maybe I already had the graphics drawn and there was no point in wasting my work

i miss you all VERY VERY VERY much and i will have an entire post dedicated to my disappearance and hopefully some ways to stop that from happening again. but until then, know that I’ve missed you terribly and am so happy to be back!!

and now without anymore delay, i present to you, my…..

Much More than Top 10 Books of 2019 (and of course the Worst books too)

a quick look at my stats:


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Monthly Wrap Ups

November Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final

hello reading friends,

we wrap up another month and im fully shook at the thought that, we are in DECEMBER NOW!

when did this happen?? i demand to know.

november was a good month, i didn’t get as much reading done as the past months, but i anticipated that. i did, however, finish my 🎉🎉GOODREADS READING CHALLENGE!!!🎉🎉

im v proud of this accomplishment!

but the real reason anyone is here is for the wrap up, so here we are:

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Monthly Wrap Ups

October Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final


im not even talking about statistics, im talking about the sheer amount of books that i genuinely ENJOYED reading. so many series ended 😭😭😭 and there were so many new favourites that i came across, what a fantastic month

also the weather is freezing here so im constantly drowning in hoodies, so october is officially the Best.

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Tea Time Talk

How to Read More in Less Time – (time management tips from someone who needs them)

TTT (yikes, that graphic is horrendous. I wonder who thought that was a great idea 🤨)

hello friends,

I woke up in an….extremely chatty mood it seems bc here I am writing a discussion (??) post while Im supposed to be doing a lot of other things

this post was formed from my conscience trying to help me fix my life and manage my time better but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

like really, someone who spends more time on youtube watching reading vlogs than actually reading should probably be taking her own advice don’t you think??

in truth, having read over 600 books in 4 years probably does give me some license to speak on the topic but Im just getting my daily dose of self-deprecation in

so I present to you: How to Read More in Less time

flower watercolour

flower4Allot Specific Times in the Day for Reading Onlyflower4

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Underrated Books – (this is my subtle way of telling you to read them asap)

tuesday top 10s final

me: *waiting for my blogging motivation to come home from war*

so this is a situation.

idek what’s up with me its totally inktober, its ruining my life but i literally just have no motivation to write anything.

and like nano’s coming up next month and i was planning on maybe, perhaps, hopefully, being able to finish my current WIP and starting a new one much hopes but at the rate i’m going, another year is going to go by AND MY WIP IS STILL GOING TO BE INCOMPLETE AAAAAAA

okay sorry you had to witness an actual breakdown, im okay, i swear but seriously, does anyone know how to end a novel in a satisfying way bc halp

but since i’m a lost soul, I figured i’d just do a top 10 post bc nothing makes me feel better than encouraging more people to read my favs 😇

flower watercolour

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Monthly Wrap Ups

September Wrap Up – 2018

month wrap up final

i think i found my calling as like,,,,a human sloth or something. i was supposed to have this post ready in like a ‘update as you go’ format (i’m so revolutionary with my ideas, i know) so that when the months ends im not scrambling to put a decent post together

yeah, well past may has different plans it seems. i resent her so much

anywho, i just had my caffeine and a literal brownie for breakfast, bc you know, nutrition and all, so here we go

flower watercolour

I read a total of 21 books. 7 physical books 📕, 9 e-books 📱, and 5 audiobooks 🎧. Links will take you to my reviews for each book.

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Monthly Wrap Ups

Contemporary-A-Thon Wrap Up – I think we can call it a success

month wrap up final

^ lowkey bothering me that it says “monthly” wrap up when this is a week wrap up but im too tired to make a whole new picture for a single post, moving on

the contemporary-a-thon was held between 17th of sept. till the 23rd and it was so much fun to participate in. I was able to read so many fantastic books that i’ve been meaning to get to and who doesn’t love a good contemporary (the answer is no one)

I read a total of 9 books. 4 physical books 📕, 3 e-books 📱, and 2 audiobooks 🎧
(omg yes, i technically listened to the audiobooks, not read them, yes, i know)

flower watercolour

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