showering my favs with love!! – the Third Annual Book Blogger Awards

2019 bba

big, big THANKS to this monster, may @ forever and everly for hosting the Third Annual Book Bloggers Award, an award meant to boost and appreciate book bloggers for all their hard work and dedication. i could make this a long, sappy introduction on how great it is for may to be hosting this, but i’m already going to sap her later on in this post, so we can just skip all the semantics though, i would like to know how she manages to stay so organized and clear-headed with all the projects she takes on,,,,,,,,answer the question, may

this post took WAY too long for me to write and i know i’m pushing the deadline I’M SORRY i’m trying my best and this was way harder than i expected and i somehow forgot how to write and speak english for the past week, so everything sounds redundant and !!!! but we’re working with what we got.

so without further babbling, allow me to shower some beautiful, hard-working bloggers with love and validation bc i’m a sappy little potato 🥔

~ also, i’m super sorry if you weren’t featured in this post, plz know that i couldn’t include ALL my favourite bloggers (that list would be endless) and that i still loves you and appreciate you ~


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