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If You Loved, then Try. . . book recommendations – as usual, i’m flooding your tbr

if you loved


I’m so excited to share more recommendations with you guys because, let’s be real, that’s all I have going for my personality right now and given the circumstances of the world we are living in, we all need more reading material

so, I have compiled a list of 10 books to read if you liked a specific, more popular title. I can’t PROMISE that you’re going to love the recommendations bc honestly, I’m not a mind reader BUT i can promise they share similar vibes, themes, and ideas.

alright, on with the post, because i have nothing else of substance to say.

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Tuesday Top 10s

My Top 10 Reading Goals for 2019

tuesday top 10s final

i’m so behind on blogging and interacting with y’all i honestly feel bad but december’s been kinda weird (not bad weird) and i haven’t been feeling like blogging much (which is a TRAVESTY bc i had so many december “end-of-the-year” posts I MENTALLY planned – i’m even disappointing myself wow)

BUT ANYWAYS, here’s a quick post on my top 10 reading/writing goals for 2019 (they’re 99% reading oriented and 110% a hot mess)

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~ i’ll get back to blogging and commenting on your posts and being a good functioning ‘adult’ soon, i promise ~

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Sequels that Ended Second Book Syndrome

tuesday top 10s final

hello friends.

this was strangely difficult post to put together??? im not sure if that’s bc im standalone trash or bc i basically never finish series (what a great realization to come to) but either way i had to scrounge my ‘read’ shelf more than three times before i could slap this together

im a very firm believer that second book syndrome is an epidemic that strikes the reading world from time to time and its very rare to find books that defy this phenomenon

but, i got you, and so here is a list of the top 10 books (the order isn’t written in stone, im a very indecisive person) that ended second book syndrome and were even BETTER than their predecessors.

– everyone gasps in shock –

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10. batman: dc icons

Image result for batman nightwalker cover

i kind of loved the idea of this series, not only because growing up, i really loved superheroes (i blame my brothers), but also bc my all-time favourite authors were writing them

so, when i read Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo and was feeling very meh about it, i was worried how the rest of this series was going to play out


these books are definitely not for everyone, but i really loved reading this book, i found it so fun and a real pick-me-up after the first bookflower watercolour Continue reading “Top 10 Sequels that Ended Second Book Syndrome”

Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Things I Dislike Seeing in Books + Some books that managed to pull them off!

tuesday top 10s final

i’m writing this late bc im a mess and i spent the last 24 hours HARDCORE binging ‘grave mercy’ and every time i reminded myself of all the things i had to get done, my brain was like,,,,,”bUT THE BOOK”

guess who won??

anyways, last week, i went all soft and wrote about the top 10 things i love to see in books and so to balance my sweet, here’s some salt

but not entirely salt bc i am also going to be mentioning SOME books that used this tropes, but played them well

flower watercolour10. lots of dialogue

i think this is only a me thing bc i haven’t seen a lot of people complain about it, but i find it really tiring when a book is FILLED with dialogue and there’s hardly development of the plot, setting, conflict etc.

naturally, its going to be lacking bc with dialogue, you’re going to have a lot of //telling// rather than //showing//

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Things I Love to See in Books + Books that did them great!

tuesday top 10s final

my disclaimer for this post is that none of these rankings actually count bc these are all my favourite and i love seeing them in books so much and if i could rank them all #1 i would.

sadly, life isn’t fair.

so here we go, some of the things I ADORE in books.

flower watercolour10. friendships

beautiful, wholesome, sweet friendships have been garnering more attention in YA books and I adore it. it’s not something hard to come by, but it does improve a book immensely (in my very humble, honest, professional opinion)

some very adorable books that ft. beautiful friendships are:

Image result for everything beautiful is not ruined cover  Image result for speak easy speak love cover  Image result for the revenge playbook cover  Image result for this adventure ends cover

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Series I won’t be finishing/reading ☕

tuesday top 10s final

i’m ready to spill the salt and sip the tea for today’s post. ☕

i’m a firm believer that if you aren’t loving a book, thats more than enough reasoning to ditch it like burnt toast. (bad metaphor, but im having breakfast while we speak okay, im trying my best)

i know of some readers that once they start a series, they must end it and honestly im impressed at their perseverance but i literally have the memory of a snail and the willpower of a sloth, so i just end up ditching a lot of books ): sad

anyways, theses are just my opinions! (if any of these books are your fav, soz)

flower watercolour10. The Ascendance Trilogy

Image result for the ascendance trilogy

now this book is the least deserving to be on this list.

after i read the first book, i knew it wasn’t going to be a series i would continue bc it’s not meant for me.

i wish i had read it when i was back in middle school or the early years of highschool bc it genuinely is a well written, entertaining book but i’m not the target audience and i definitely felt it Continue reading “Top 10 Series I won’t be finishing/reading ☕”

Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)

tuesday top 10s final

excuse the awful post in advance, im getting over a flu and even though i feel gross and vicks is my current bestie, kingdom of ash is being released tomorrow (yes im being a responsible human and having this post scheduled) and i wanted to post something before the whole shenanigans broke out (i will SCREAM if i get spoiled)

and so i thought a recommendation post would work perfectly. 😉 my lifelong aesthetic is and forever will be sibling representation in books.

not to be gross and sappy but my siblings are my life, and whenever i see accurate representation of siblings in books i happily freak out and internally scream for hours

yeah, im,,,,,slightly dramatic

also when i was checking other people’s lists for this topic some had ‘forbidden’ (,,,,,they were referring to the incest book) listed and i was just like ???yikes??? and decided that it was now my civil duty to share the books that feature actual, proper, healthy sibling relationships

so without further ado, here we are:

(sidenote: you should get all these books asap and read them and scream with me bc,,,,,thats the only reason why i actually wrote this post)

flower watercolour10. Fangirl

Image result for fangirl goodreads coverfangirl features twin sisters that just started college. our mc, the introvert, is having a hard time adjusting to the new life and would much rather tag along with her sister, the extrovert. (hashtag relatable)

anyways, its really heartwarming and sweet and there’s playful sibling banter, which is always great Continue reading “Top 10 Best Siblings Rep (mostly in ya)”

Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Underrated Books – (this is my subtle way of telling you to read them asap)

tuesday top 10s final

me: *waiting for my blogging motivation to come home from war*

so this is a situation.

idek what’s up with me its totally inktober, its ruining my life but i literally just have no motivation to write anything.

and like nano’s coming up next month and i was planning on maybe, perhaps, hopefully, being able to finish my current WIP and starting a new one much hopes but at the rate i’m going, another year is going to go by AND MY WIP IS STILL GOING TO BE INCOMPLETE AAAAAAA

okay sorry you had to witness an actual breakdown, im okay, i swear but seriously, does anyone know how to end a novel in a satisfying way bc halp

but since i’m a lost soul, I figured i’d just do a top 10 post bc nothing makes me feel better than encouraging more people to read my favs 😇

flower watercolour

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Books I Need to Read Before 2019

tuesday top 10s final

in case you didnt know, i read a lot, like a lot, and sometimes i feel like ‘yeah i’m not doing too bad at this reading thing. sure my life is a mess and my social skills are lacking but this reading thing, yeah i totally got this’

. . . that is . . . until i look to my tbr and see how many HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOKS I STILL HAVENT READ

– cue existential crisis –

so in attempts to ‘pull my life together,’ i’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books i need to bloody read before 2019

someone needs to hold me to my word, like maybe punch me if i dont have this done, thanks you’re a hero

flower watercolour10. The Knife of Never Letting Go

Image result for the knife of never letting go cover


i have next to no idea what this series is about and the only book i’ve read from patrick ness was a Monster Calls, however, the ratings are high and everyone loves it and its been sitting on my tbr since i was born so why not?

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Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 ‘If you Love…’ Book Recommendations (but part 2)

tuesday top 10s final

at this point 80% of my personality is just me screaming at my friends to read my favourite books so what better idea than to write post entirely focused on recommending MORE books to everyone (this is what i do best, im sorry you have to put up with me)

i made a part 1 of this some time ago, so if youre somehow still miraculously looking for recommendations, you should totally check that one out (or like message me??? plz???)

if you hated any of these books then i’d ask you to reconsider your rating bc it’ll make me cry and do you really want to make a smol, nice (most of the time), sweet angel child cry?

no, i didnt think so.

glad we had this talk.

also it took me wayyyyy to long to make this, so the best way to appreciate all my hard work would be to 5 star all the books featured below 🙂

flower watercolour


even though these books take place in two TOTALLY different times (one being very historic and the other being very modern) they both feature a murder mystery, top quality banter, a cute dorky boy, and lots of madness.

honestly why wouldn’t you wanna pick them up?

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