I Should have Read that Book Tag – or alternatively, the title of my memoir


one of my favourite bloggers, olivia, tagged me in the ‘I Should Read That Book Tag’ which also happens to be the title of my memoir and this is just another great way to bully me into reading the books on my TBR and to stop me from rereading my favourite book, so thank you, olivia.

(also, olivia is an absolute queen at blogging, you should go check her out if you don’t already follow her bc the content she puts out is *chef’s kiss*)

bookshelf - red

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Monthly Wrap Ups

August Reading Wrap Up – a month filled with thrillers and audiobooks


this truly was the month of thrillers. i don’t even know why i read so many, but it just felt right to scare myself this month :’)

August was actually pretty eventful. We had our Eid celebration at the VERY beginning of the month (Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰) and then comes the invitations with family and friends (which, i always look forward to).

aside from that, i’m back on my crap watching cooking shows for hours on end ✌️ there’s nothing that gets your heart racing like burning a dish you spent hours making. truly relatable

i’ve also had somewhat of a breakthrough on my art and im so very happy with where it’s going and im here to share just SOME of what i’ve been busy creating so,,,,,


but first, books,

bookshelf - purple

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πŸ§‡ The Waffle Book Tag πŸ§‡ – i’m still hungry sos

welcome to my blog, where we talk about delicious breakfast dishes and cry because we don’t have them. last time, i did the Pancake Book Tag, and now it’s time to even the score with the Waffle Book Tag. πŸ§‡

i was tagged by my absolute favs, kat & tiffany πŸ’– theyre both exceptional bloggers and have the most creative, entertaining posts, so you better be following them or else 😑😑

also, many, many, many thanks to kat for creating such a fun tag with FREAKING ADORABLE waffle graphics. she really is the waffle queen.

Image result for waffle gif

πŸ§‡ The Rules πŸ§‡

  • Link back to the original creator, Kat @ Novels & Waffles
  • Feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top)
  • Tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. No pressure here, folks πŸ™‚

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πŸ₯ž The Pancake Book Tag πŸ₯ž – help, i’m hungry

The Pancake Book Tagh

so, a really, really,Β really long time ago, the lovely becky created this absolutely adorable pancake book tag and was so kind enough to tag me in it

but since i went on multiple hiatuses, i never had to chance to do it, so here i am, much much later, trying to make up for my shortcomings oopsies

anywho, much thanks goes to becky for creating such a cute, well-thought out tag and also creating the most precious graphics.

i absolutely adore pancakes, it’s one of my favourite things to make (and eat)

Image result for pancake gif
me, on weekend mornings

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Genre Deep Dive

Genre Deep Dive: High Fantasy – i read these behemoths so you don’t have to


let me correct that tag line to: “i read these behemoths so you can trust my recommendations and begin reading my favoutites”

because i’m sweet & caring like that πŸ™‚

so, this blog idea has been bouncing around in my brain for a long time and im so!! excited!! to finally be putting it together and presenting it to you

(and also it took a FREAKING long time to compose all this mess and i feel like i forgot how to speak, so forgive me from now)


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Monthly Wrap Ups

July Reading Wrap Up – where i slumped for 2 weeks and binged for 2 weeks βœŒοΈ

wrap up

july was, in short, a disaster. it’s what happens when you place responsibility and expectations on me, basically no turn out 😁 yay thats fun.

i pretty much spent the ENTIRE first half of the month watching booktube and cooking shows and completely ignored reading and my art and really, this is what my peak existence looks like.

but aren’t we ALL GLAD the reading rushβ„’ happened bc that was the ONLY thing that saved my reading career and gave me content for this wrap up.

ALSO I WANT TO MENTION, i feel absolutely CHEATED that i read over 500 pages of Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, that mammoth of a book and i am NOT allowed to include it in my wrap up bc i still have 500 pages to go.

what kind of discrimination is this??? i want to talk to the manager

ahem, anyways.


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showering my favs with love!! – the Third Annual Book Blogger Awards

2019 bba

big, big THANKS to this monster, may @ forever and everly for hosting the Third Annual Book Bloggers Award, an award meant to boost and appreciate book bloggers for all their hard work and dedication. i could make this a long, sappy introduction on how great it is for may to be hosting this, but i’m already going to sap her later on in this post, so we can just skip all the semantics though, i would like to know how she manages to stay so organized and clear-headed with all the projects she takes on,,,,,,,,answer the question, may

this post took WAY too long for me to write and i know i’m pushing the deadline I’M SORRY i’m trying my best and this was way harder than i expected and i somehow forgot how to write and speak english for the past week, so everything sounds redundant and !!!! but we’re working with what we got.

so without further babbling, allow me to shower some beautiful, hard-working bloggers with love and validation bc i’m a sappy little potato πŸ₯”

~ also, i’m super sorry if you weren’t featured in this post, plz know that i couldn’t include ALL my favourite bloggers (that list would be endless) and that i still loves you and appreciate you ~


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Monthly Wrap Ups

June 2019 Wrap Up!! – I really need to sleep



i know i am terrible and staged yet another unannounced hiatus but that’s only bc i don’t know how to pace myself and get burnt out and then go into hiding

still trying to work on that hehe

but i am back now and i’ve missed you all so terribly.

Image result for hug gif
me @ you

so i’ve made a few changes around on this little blog, to make it more ~fancy~Β but the most monumental part of all my changes is that i have changed my PROFILE PICTURE (for the FIRST TIME in 4 years!!!!!) idk why i’m making such a big deal out of this but its a big deal to me. it feels so WEIRD to have a new picture omg

hijab take 3

so this is me now!!!

it took some time to draw, but i’m SO HAPPY with how it turned out 😭😭 and lowkey proud of myself for developing my art this far. what do you GUYS THINK???



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Monthly Wrap Ups

March Wrap Up: 5 star reads + april high fantasy month tbr

month wrap up final

hi friends,

april is upon us and i dont know about you all, but this never-ending winter weather that we’re facing has used up its time. it’s got to go!! i love winter and all but it’s starting to cross over into spring and i just need to be able to go outside and read in the grass before the summer bugs start attacking me

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Monthly Wrap Ups

February Wrap Up – !!21 books!! + read-a-thon, & failing YARC?

month wrap up final

this wrap up is like my ‘contemporary-a-thon reads ft. a couple other books’ bc after contemporary-a-thon i basically had a burnout and didn’t touch books for like 5 days, it was an Experience and not a good one. 10/10 people wouldn’t recommend.

i jest though, because in reality, i read 21 BOOKS IN 28 DAYS!??!??!!?


i am concerned for myself (and my social life) bc aside from the readathon, i didnt feel like i was pushing myself to read?? how does this make sense??

actually, the answer, as you will see, is ~*audiobooks*~

freaking life savers, those things.

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