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If You Loved, then Try. . . book recommendations – as usual, i’m flooding your tbr

if you loved


I’m so excited to share more recommendations with you guys because, let’s be real, that’s all I have going for my personality right now and given the circumstances of the world we are living in, we all need more reading material

so, I have compiled a list of 10 books to read if you liked a specific, more popular title. I can’t PROMISE that you’re going to love the recommendations bc honestly, I’m not a mind reader BUT i can promise they share similar vibes, themes, and ideas.

alright, on with the post, because i have nothing else of substance to say.

bookshelf - blue



✨ you might find it funny that Little Fires Everywhere and Ask Again, Yes share similar looking covers and also share familiar plots, but THEY DO

✨both books surround the topic of families, explores the generations and beginnings of the family, and are very character driven

✨they are both phenomenal books that are written in such a personal way, you feel as if you belong to these families


bookshelf - blue



Beartown and Michigan vs. the Boys are both really hard-hitting books centered on the topic of hockey and assault

✨Beartown is definitely more adult as it’s very detailed and raw. Backman knows how to destroy you by making you feel so intimately related of this small, isolated town

✨Michigan vs. the Boys is more about justice and standing up for what’s right in a difficult sitation. both books are absolutely incredible and WILL make you cry


bookshelf - blue



The Chalk Man and The Whisper Man are totally different thrillers based off their plots. they both have “man” in the title, ha ha, yes i did notice and perhaps that played a part in my choice, but you won’t be hearing that from me but when I was reading them I couldn’t help but feel similarly.

✨both books have a very creepy, eerie atmosphere. the narrator takes you along a journey that is haunting and unpredictable

✨and both books definitely end on a note that keeps your mind running way after you’ve finished. both really enjoyable, entertaining, shocking thrillers.


bookshelf - blue



The Turn of the Key and Lock Every Door are both thrillers about house-sitters gone wrong.

✨while “Turn of the Key” had more family related issues and my preferred of the two, both stories were gripping in their narration, chilling to read, and entirely unputdownable.


bookshelf - blue



The Bookish Life of Nina Hill and Well Met are so different at a first glance. Both books feature an enemies(ish)-to-lovers relationship and that’s about where the apparent similarities end and have a similar, soft ‘found family’ feeling

✨while the Bookish Life of Nina Hill is quite literally “found family,” Well Met is more about the main character finding a place for herself in this new small town

✨both books are absolutely adorable, have relatable main characters, and such fun, sweet friendships and romances that will keep you engrossed the entire time


bookshelf - blue



Starry Eyes and Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined share the obvious campfire book cover similarity….i jest the same camping, stuck-out-in-the-wilderness vibes and both dive into some heavier, family centered issues

✨Starry Eyes is definitely the lighter read, it made me all soft and teary eyed while Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined hit me SO HARD with its ending, literally sobbing myself to sleep, love that for me

✨they both have witty humour, soft, gentle moments, and some crushing reveals that just 😦



bookshelf - blue



Grave Mercy and Scarlet are both historic YA fantasies that will capture your heart with their strong, powerful, knife-wielding female leads

✨both books are entertaining, smart, and rely on elements like secrecy, treachery, and politics that make them stand out from your regular YA historic fantasy

✨also both books have ships that are absolutely enchanting Grave Mercy has enemies-to-lovers with a fake marriage thing going and Scarlet has long time besties to lovers, THEY’RE BOTH SO PRECIOUS


bookshelf - blue



Somewhere Only We Know and Permanent Record are essentially books about famous female pop stars getting in relationships with normies

✨Permanent Record is more of an adult take on it. It explores deeper topics like financial troubles and education choices while Somewhere Only We Know is more light-hearted and fun.

✨I personally enjoyed Somewhere Only We Know better but they both have very similar plots and if you enjoyed one, I’m sure you’d love the other.


bookshelf - blue



Stalking Jack the Ripper and A Curious Beginning serve Excellence.

✨A Curious Beginning is the more adult, mature version of Stalking Jack the Ripper not in the romance department as it is SO SLOWBURN. SO SO SO SO SLOWBURN but in the sense that……Veronica and Stoker actually solve the mysteries and are older and more sensible in their actions

✨Both books offer strong, forward thinking women and men, the most entertaining, hilarious witty banter, and are set in historic England.

✨A Curious Beginning focuses more on the characters and the solid, beautiful, powerful friendship they build while Stalking Jack the Ripper is evidently more about the romance


bookshelf - blue



Station Eleven and The Book of M are pretty much the only post-apocalyptic books i’ve read so naturally i would be comparing them BUT honestly they did give off very similar, frightening vibes.

✨Both books are hauntingly beautiful and makes you feel like you are experiencing it for your own. They both follow numerous characters in this strange futuristic world and all connect in the most captivating of ways

✨Station Eleven is about a viral pandemic that wipes out the major population of earth TERRIFYING STUFF TO READ NOW and the Book of M is about a phenomenon that leaves people without their shadows and consequently their memory.


bookshelf - blue


That’s all the recommendations I have for today. I had a lot of fun making the graphics, choosing the books, and putting this all together. And now tell me, have you read any of these books? Have I convinced you to pick up their related counterpart?

Do you have any suggested/related titles for any of the ones I listed?

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!signature final

49 thoughts on “If You Loved, then Try. . . book recommendations – as usual, i’m flooding your tbr”

  1. I really should read “Grave Mercy” and “Scarlet” they both sound very intriguing and so far I didn’t get to any of them. *lol* Also “Little Fires Everywhere” has been on my radar for ages. I probably should finally read it too. XD Thanks for the recommendations! ❤

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    1. They are both REALLY well written YA fantasy stories, i really enjoyed them and yesss ‘little fires everywhere’ deserves all the hype it’s been getting. thank you for the lovely comment 🥺❤️

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  2. I’m definitely going to be looking into some of these recommendations! I’ve read Little Fires Everywhere, and since I really enjoyed that I’ll definitely check out Ask Again, Yes. I want to read Station 11 SOOOOO BADLY! I love post-apocalyptic books and that one has been on my tbr for such a long time. I’m definitely going to check out the Book of M as well!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere and i HOPE YOU LOVE Ask Again Yes, i loved the highlight of family and society in both books os much!!! flkdafla you LIKE post-apocalyptic books?? omg you’re too powerful!! i hope you read them both and love them bc wow they would freak me out if i read them now

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      1. Bahahahha I think they’re cool and thought provoking, but I can’t decide if now is an appropriate or inappropriate time to read them 😳

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  3. I read Beartown last year and is hands down the most emotional a book has ever made me, so I’ll definitely check out Michigan vs. the Boys!! Great post as always! 😀

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    1. beartown RUINED MY LIFE 😭😭😭 but in the best way possible like the amount of EMOTION I FELT!!! thank you so much, i hope you enjoy micigan vs. the boys if you get around to it!!

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  4. idk why “famous female pop stars getting in relationships with normies” made me laugh so much but it did. famous women PLEASE settle for more than normies you deserve better <33

    thank you for my life missy maymay! best book recommender 2020 that's you :o) i'm very ashamed to say that i have not read… any of these… BUT obviously if you rec them they must be good. and i will be reading little fires everywhere with the audiobook soon, promise!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. famous women do BETTER!!!! THEY DESERVE IT!!!

      i can’t believe you turned this against me and sapped, when are we going to go back to the bully phase of our friendship i dont want this anymore. OK YES PLEASE AND UPDATE EVERY PAGE PLS AND THANKS (even tho i forgot most of it?? im a Clown)

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  5. This was such a fun post to read and I’ve literally not read a single book on this post *hides* but
    now I want to!!
    Also this made me laugh so much — “I can’t PROMISE that you’re going to love the recommendations bc honestly, I’m not a mind reader BUT i can promise they share similar vibes, themes, and ideas.” Although I am kind of sad you aren’t a mind reader because that would have been seriously cool slash concerning, haha!!
    Beartown and Michigan vs. the Boys sounds like books I will enjoy as I find myself wanting to read book with sport groups in *16 year old me who hated p.e. is concerned* and I like that they talk about real and important topics as well.
    The Bookish Life of Nina Hill has a found family you say?!? Well say no more, I’m sold and then I will have to check out Well Met as well!!
    Starry Eyes and Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined are now high up on my TBR and I need them now !!
    Thank you for increasing my TBR as promised and I love all the thought you put into this post!! ❤ ❤

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    1. ahahah im weeping over this tragedy!! (KIDDING) that’s okay, now i just have more books to keep recommending hehe omg imagine how convenient it would be if you could mind read so you could give the best recommendations, i love that thought.

      beartown and michigan vs. the boys REALLY highlight the important of sports to the characters and i love that too. i think it’s the teamwork and strong sense of community that i love about it. i hope you do check out the books when you get around to them and that you love them as much as i do 🥺🥺

      thank you so muchhhh!! you’re always so kind!! i appreciate it so much ❤️❤️

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      1. I’m actually weeping over this tragedy!! YESS haha!!
        It would be amazing, I mean that is the best use of mind reading powers!

        Ahh .. that makes me so excited to get to them, you have no idea!! Thank youuuuu!! ❤

        Ah… you're so welcome!! I love your posts!!!

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  6. Unfortunately, of all the books you’ve mentioned, I’ve only read The Turn of the The Key and Lock Every Door. Your comparison is great, because I didn’t love either of them, for the same reasons :’) I didn’t even finish Lock Every Door – possibly because I read it so close to The Turn of the Key.
    Grave Mercy is such a throwback book, I remember it being really popular years ago when I first got into the online book community. I always meant to read it, but never got around to it.
    Though there is no way I’m picking up Station Eleven at the moment, The Book of M sounds so intriguing and I will have to give that a go soon!
    Awesome post as always 😀

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    1. ahahaha i didn’t see that result coming but i am still taking that as a win for me hehe sorry those two books sucked for you thoo

      GRAVE MERCY NEEDS TO BE REHYPED!!! i seriously loved what it did and i wish i was around for the hype of it bc omg deserves it so much.
      dude same!! i’m so terrified of post- apocalyptic books right now but also lowkey interested in them. thank you so much!!

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  7. i’ve never actually read any of the books you mentioned, but asdfghjkl they all sound so beautiful and now i need to read them!!! 🥺🥺 thanks a lot for overflooding my TBR, May (jk i really appreciate hahaha) 😉 i loved this post so much and can’t wait to read some of these!! ❤ xx

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    1. i want you to read them all now bc i loved them (well, most of them) 🥺🥺 always madam, i always am here to flood the tbrs. thank you for the lovely comment bby ❤

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  8. *hides in shame* I haven’t read any book from this post, but I really want to!! I’m particularly excited to read Beartown, so that I can see if it makes me cry or not 😌 I also want to read Station Eleven, a Celeste Ng book, and A Curious Beginning! So I think what I can take away from this post is the fact that I need to branch out of the YA hole and read some adult 🤔 I should really do that because YA has been disappointing me more and more lately, honestly

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    1. aaaaaaa but okay we’ll work our way through the list in order to get you to cry. that’s our priority right now hehe

      honestly i felt that for a long while. not that YA isn’t great but i feel like im just reading the same story over and over with only different character’s names and when i branched out into adult/realistic fiction it almost renewed my love for reading. aNYWAYS IM RAMBLING but i hope you do read these soon and you love them. update me on your thoughts as always ❤️❤️

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  9. the way i’ve missed this blog 😭 and you 😭😭😭 hi hello how are you

    ok first of all I DID NOT KNOW grave mercy had a whole enemies to lovers fake marriage thing going on????? when was someone going to tell me about this???? is the romance good

    i’m going to add station eleven to my tbr because i love elevating my anxiety by reading about a pandemic during a lockdown due to a pandemic 🙃 help

    will i ever get over the hurt and betrayal that i feel whenever i think about sjtr because my husband thomas did not deserve that

    are you telling me that everything beautiful is not ruined has the same vibes as starry eyes b/c listen,,,,, i love the latter so much and i miss that romance 😗

    also here’s a moment of silence for me for not having read nina hill and well met yet, my tbr is in shambles

    cannot wait to keep stalking your blog once more, let’s not disappear again 👀

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      YES GRAVE MERCY SERVED BOTH ‘FAKE MARRIAGE’ AND ‘HATE TO LOVE’ and it was INCREDIBLE. the romance isn’t the STAR center of the story, it rides a lot on the assassin/war plot but the bits of romance that we get are bloody phenomenal. pls read it and love it thanks xoxo

      ma’am reading a pandemic book during a pandemic sounds like something you’d do fjkdlajfkla what about self care?? but i also relate bc i’m picking up a pandemic book soon sO


      no more disappearing, i need to hear about all the books you read/are reading and your book ramblings are my fav thing ever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. starry eyes is such a great book omg i hope you’re able to read it and love it!! you’re absolutely welcome, thank you so much for your sweet comment ❤️❤️

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  10. The similarity between the first two sets of recs is honestly kind of creepy…lol. Like, they literally can pass as covers for each other. I actually have The Whisper Man, and I should probably read it before it gets returned in 2 days…but I’m procrastinating 🙈 I really want to read Veronica’s series and the very fact that it’s a mature version of STJR has me determined to read it this year lol

    Great post 💖

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    1. right!! they were scary similar, i couldn’t help but compare them while i was reading. yesss!! read the whisper man and love it!! it’s a really well written thriller and i love the family elements in it. THE VERONICA SERIES IS LIKE STJR IF THE CHARACTERS HAD BRAIN CELLS (I am not even roasting audrey and thomas bc i love them, it’s just,,,,,,,those kids really didn’t even try to solve the mysteries) plsss i need to hear all your thoughts on it!!

      thank youuuu 🥰

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  11. Ahhh fantastic recommendations, thank you so so much for sharing these! I loved Starry Eyes and okay Everything Beautiful sounds incredible I’m going to add it to my TBR immediately this very second ahhhhhhhh.
    I also need to read Little Fires Everywhere sometime soon, I keep on hearing incredible things about this book and clearly, I’m missing out haha 🙂


  12. I love these kinds of recommendation posts! I really wanna do one, too. But for some reason they intimidate me though 🙈
    I really love your recs. So many new books to add to my tbr now 😩💛
    And yes, Backman really knows how to hit one right in the feels. Have you read his Novella And every day the way home gets longer and longer? It’s phenomenal!!


  13. From this list I’ve only read Beartown (which was so good!! I love Frederik Backman!!) and Permanent Record, so you’ve basically given me twice the recommendations! I’ll definitely be checking out Michigan vs. the Boys, and I’ve been meaning to read Little Fires Everywhere for a verrrry long time now. So maybe I’ll get to that too 😅 Great post May!!


  14. HOLD UP – did you just recommend a book similar to starry eyes??? that you also loved ?? and am i going to pick it immediately if its on scribd?? of course I am!
    I loved all the recommendations you gave + there were books on the list that I’ve never heard of so I’m excited to check them all out ! Once I start reading A curious beginning ( bc I loved stalking jack the ripper) or everything beautiful is not ruined I’ll directly dm you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg 🥺🥺🥺 i will cry if you pick it up and love it, it’s one of the best contemps i’ve read
      YES PLEASE DM ME AND SCREAM WITH ME ABOUT a curious beginning or everything beautiful is not ruined aaaaaaa i can’t wait to hear your thoughtssss ❤ ❤


  15. I want to read so many of these books!! I can’t believe that I haven’t yet. I’m so glad I read this though as it’s a fantastic post and I adore the way that you’ve set it out. It also reminded me about The Book Of M which is on my TBR but I totally forgot about 🙈


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