Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Series I won’t be finishing/reading ☕

tuesday top 10s final

i’m ready to spill the salt and sip the tea for today’s post. ☕

i’m a firm believer that if you aren’t loving a book, thats more than enough reasoning to ditch it like burnt toast. (bad metaphor, but im having breakfast while we speak okay, im trying my best)

i know of some readers that once they start a series, they must end it and honestly im impressed at their perseverance but i literally have the memory of a snail and the willpower of a sloth, so i just end up ditching a lot of books ): sad

anyways, theses are just my opinions! (if any of these books are your fav, soz)

flower watercolour10. The Ascendance Trilogy

Image result for the ascendance trilogy

now this book is the least deserving to be on this list.

after i read the first book, i knew it wasn’t going to be a series i would continue bc it’s not meant for me.

i wish i had read it when i was back in middle school or the early years of highschool bc it genuinely is a well written, entertaining book but i’m not the target audience and i definitely felt it

flower watercolour9. Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series

Related image

y’all, i tried with this series so hard but i just don’t care for the plot or writing style and the main character felt REALLY monotone for me

i’m sure its a fantastically creepy book but it was personally a challenge to get through

flower watercolour8. Snow Like Ashes Trilogy

Image result for snow like ashes cover series

OKAY THE PLOT TWIST WAS DECENT i’ll give it that and i liked the idea of the seasons/powers but mannnnn it’s trope-y and felt really generic, like a story i’ve read a million times


flower watercolour7. Red Queen Series

Image result for red queen cover

refer back to 👆

the red queen series was one of the first fantasy series i started reading and while i was AMAZED with the plot as a newbie reader,,,,,,,as i read more books i just found it to be so,,,,,,common

and the characters annoyed me.

flower watercolour6. Mara Dyer

Image result for mara dyer series


flower watercolour5. The Fifth Wave Trilogy

fifth eave

i read the 5th wave the night before and exam and was so invested i stayed up late reading instead of studying (priorities!!!) then i went on to the infinite sea and i enjoyed and then……i tried starting book 3 and it was just so……bland

i could barely make it past a few chapters before i ditched it for good. oops.

flower watercolour4. The Grisha Trilogy

shadow and bone

i’m SO conflicted over this series. i dont like it. i dont like the characters, i dont like the darkling, i dont like alina and mal, i dont CARE ABOUT IT


and i was willing to let that go but then leigh announced the series about him and dammit now im conflicted if i should read it JUST for nikolai and suffer through alina so i can enjoy the series or i can forgo reading the series and just…..connect the dots when the new series comes out


flower watercolour3. The Mortal Instruments


uhhhhhhh, listen i heard enough from this series to know that i’ll be exhausted into another dimension if i do read it

i read spoilery recaps of these books so i could enjoy and understand lady midnight & lord of shadows and since im invested in that trilogy, i think thats enough exposure i need from this series (:

flower watercolour2. Caraval Trilogy

Image result for caraval series

it’s not a bad book. i know its a favourite for a lot but i didn’t understand the hype for caraval and i dont really feel invested enough to continue the series, so whoops sorry bye

flower watercolour1. The City of Brass (Daevabad Trilogy)

Image result for city of brass seriesthis book ruined me bc i my expectations were SO BLOODY HIGH and this book let me down SO HARD

the muslim representation was bad and the arab representation was debatable and the rest of the book was a mess.

i felt this book was trying to do too many things and thats what hurt it the most. there was just SO MUCH going on, arabian mythology, magic systems, political alliances, awkward pacing, tribal and class systems, flawed rep of islam, unnecessary romances that stem from like 3 minutes together, etc etc.

it was just a lot.

anywho, if you care to hear more of my awful ranting on this book, link to my review is !!here!!

the covers for this series are so bloody gorgeous and im still so bitter and salty about that

flower watercolourand that concludes the top 10 series i am, sadly, leaving unread.

!!if any of these happen to be your favourites and THEY DO indeed progress and grow and give satisfying endings, please do let me know bc i’m not writing any of this in stone!!

also dont hate me okay im smol and nice <s>most of the time</s>. let me know which series and books you’re not so interested in reading/continuing bc i love hearing unpopular opinions.

have a great week,


36 thoughts on “Top 10 Series I won’t be finishing/reading ☕”

  1. This is a GREAT post and I love tea (but honestly, I love tea. Both the metaphorical and the real one).
    I also tried the first book in the Miss Peregrine series, but…. I didn’t love it? I thought it was an okay read, but I wasn’t blown away or anything like that so I won’t finish it either. I have the same feelings about Red Queen, except that it was just, ugh Glass Sword annoyed me a lot so no no no no nooooooo haha.
    Lovely post!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. honestly there is nothing better than drinking actual tea and spilling the metaphorical one lol

      yayyyyy for similar opinions! omg glass sword is sounding worse than red queen, good thing too bc i dont have the energy to read all 4 books

      thank you sweetie ❤

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  2. Yayyy petition for more posts ft. ☕ from Fay [aka. fake May].

    I DNF’d Snow Like Ashes, The Fifth Wave, and Red Queen, and I feel the same way about Caraval … I read Legendary, but it was really nothing special (rather the opposite)?? I don’t get the hype at all. And I I totally understand your struggle with the Grisha trilogy, but I’m so, so excited for Nikolai’s book! I hope it’s amazing.

    Great post, May ❤

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    1. dearest lilly how do you come up with the very best nicknames, i am jealous ❤ ❤ ❤ (dont kill me plz and thanks)

      SO MANY SAME OPINIONS, i feel validated and happy but also if you love a book then we KNOW its top quality

      same, im so on the fence if i should just do the grisha trilogy for nikolai's sake or,,,,,do you think recaps would work just as well? 🤔😂

      thanks love ❤

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  3. The more posts you have the more I think we have a mutual taste!
    I unfortunately finished the biggest disappointment ever aka Red queen, I didn’t like Raasch writing. Caraval and Legendary were meh although I will finish the series! Miss Peregrine was not special and The others I am not even interested in except the Grisha trilogy which I love!

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    1. i can’t tell if its us just being super picky or bc the more books you read, naturally your tastes will just become more channeled and selective. who really knows? 🤷

      oh thank goodness, i thought the series might progress but glad i signed off on that one. i always wondered who the mc was going to end up with bc both guys were major jerks.

      i’m glad you loved the grisha trilogy!! i’m considering toughing it out for the sake of the nikolai series but fjdjalfkjd idk

      👏👏 for similar taste in books!

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  4. Now that I’ve seen you and many other reviewers mention that Jacob from the Peculiar Children series is a pretty basic character, I’m starting to rethink my life choices… I’ve always said that I have so much in common with him 😂

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    1. 👏👏 so glad to hear that!!

      riiiiight! there was so much hype for it that going in my expectations were SO HIGH and when i read it and it felt like fanfic with the most cliche characters ever (noah) i was like……..no

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  5. I actually used to be one of those people who had to finish a series after starting! so I used to buy all the books first (something that I have many regrets about.) 😭 I remember dedicating one whole month to read The Mortal Instruments (City Of Heavenly Fire is like 1000 pages long and I read it in THREE days. I was so invested.) But I literally don’t have the attention span to do this anymore. 😂

    I finished reading the Mara Dyer trilogy (I loved it at the time but Retribution isn’t that great) and also the Grisha trilogy (before there was a lot of hype about it and I honestly didn’t really like it that much) so you probably made a good choice with both of those. 🤷‍♀️

    I also gave up on Miss Peregrine’s and Red Queen after reading the first books! I still have The Last Star on my TBR but I’m conflicted about whether or not to read it because 1) I found out who dies and 2) I forgot what happened in the previous book. 😭

    There are actually quite a few series I’m not interested in finishing! One the one hand, there’s books like Warcross and Flame In The Mist, even though they are both only duologies. 🤦‍♀️ And on the other hand, there’s Throne Of Glass and An Ember In The Ashes where I actually want to read more but there’s so many books and my attention span is becoming more limited by the day. 😂

    Apologies for the long comment. Great post!

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    1. dude that sounds like you were the most persistent and dedicated human out there. i feel you though bc whenever youre able to binge series, its FANTASTIC bc you can fully immerse yourself into the world and plot, but if it turns out bad, well then, it all pretty much sucks.

      yayyy for that. i mean i understand why people would like the mara dyer series but it just felt so generic to me 😭😭 omg nooooooo @ spoilers
      gosh now i wanna go spoil myself hahah but yes i agree when you forget what happens in the first book its all downhill from there

      lool, most people disliked warcross’s sequel so you’re probably fine on that front and i can confirm that book 2 in flame in the mist was a disappointment rip it was just sooo meh

      good LUCK IF YOU ATTEMPT THRONE OF GLASS or an ember in the ashes, i love both series but i can totally understand why people would hesitate to start them, theyre HUGE 😭😭😂😂

      thanks so much for the comment ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. *laughs because I relate to at least 13/10 series on this list even though there are only ten*
    I really liked the False Prince, but I don’t have time to finish the series, which makes me sad, because the first book was really good but not good enough to move around my reading schedule for 😥
    I’m SO SAD I didn’t like Ms. Peregrines because my friend LOVES it but I DNF’ed it oops.
    SO the Red Queen series is a) predictable b) cliché 3) a bit of a mess?? but I want to know what happens so I don’t know what I’m going to doooo.
    And then I just hated the 5th Wave so yeah!!
    Great post like always!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. 😂😂😂😂 queen sapphire is back at it

      im glad you enjoyed false prince but omg relatable, i feel that way about SO MANY series and we’re lowkey awful for doing it but also a girl gotta live her life happy and fulfilled and reading whatever books she wants

      👏👏👏 dnf queen, i support this. I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO but im too lazy to read the whole series so either, i’ll pay you to spoil me once you finish it or i’ll find a spoilery recap somewhere 😂😂

      thank you bby ❤ ❤ high five for sharing the salt and bitterness ❤

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  7. 😂😂 So many of these are still on my TBR for all of those reasons!! I can’t bring myself to read War Storm because I hated King’s Cage so much, and I know I should read the Grishaverse, but since I started with SoC I don’t know if I can go backwards… (Also, Mal and Alina sound horrible?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg you hated it too! 😂 wow, i love the salt

      OKAY SAME. i read and LOVED SoC but i could barely make it through the second book of the grishaverse and my friend spoiled me for the ending and all i can say is yikes

      thanks for the lovely comment ❤

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  8. omg…i love u

    i also am not going to finish ms peregrine’s. i read the first book and i was like…this is the most boring thing ever??? and i even had the second book and just unhauled it b/c. not interested. same goes for red queen and glass sword – literally unhauled glass sword.

    also same on mara dyer and the 5th wave and the grisha trilogy (the second book is one of only a few i’ve ever dnfed) and the mortal instruments and caraval……..anyway you’re my series dnf soul sister

    Liked by 1 person

    1. we’re like functioning on the same network over here. i love it

      THANK YOU QUEEN, yes it was so boring omg jacob needs a personality plz give him one he deserves it. i’m living for this salt from you and omg

      i dnfed the second grisha book too bc after reading soc and then having to read the grisha, it was just painful

      👏👏👏 for similar tastes in hated books

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  9. I’ve been trying to work on it, but I’m one of those readers who need closure (plus I’m a curious person) haha That’s why I never make lists like this.
    Look, if you don’t want to power through the grisha triology why don’t you just do what you did with TMI, just read spoilery recaps and move on to Nikolai’s duology when it comes out. Or if you want to give it a shot listen to the books in audiobook format. That’s what I do for books that I think I’m not gonna love, but want to give a try anyways (I wonder if I’m a masochist sometimes haha). You can multi-task so that makes the experience a lot easier.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. honestly i admire you, thats AN AMAZING LEVEL OF COMMITMENT

      honestly thats SUCH a great idea. i’ve been thinking of recapping but in recaps you dont get the snark and sass of a character and i wanna see nikolai and love him like everyone else

      BUT AUDIOBOOKING IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA IDK WHY I DIDNT THINK ABOUT IT. yes yes yes i love audiobooking thanks bby ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha thanks, but I just think that I have a hard time letting things go, like I want to believe it can always get better so I keep reading. Sometimes it works out, some it doesn’t haha
        That’s true, it’s not the same as getting the first hand experience and actually getting to know the character.
        I’m glad my suggestion was useful, I just find that audiobooks makes things so much easier! Like, you can listen to it in high speed and if you’re in a boring part you don’t have to hang onto every single word. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. 👏👏👏👏 yesss girl!!
      the more i think about red queen the more i feel it was just like every other book i’ve ever read omg

      thank you darling, thank you for your lovely comment ❤


  10. Spill the tea sis, but like honestly, I’m glad that you’re stopping these series since you’re not enjoying them, though I’m lowkey side-eyeing you for TMI and the Caraval Trilogy. And I 100% agree with you on Red Queen – it’s essentially your basic YA fantasy recycled, and I’m over it. Happy reading ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahhhahahaha im SORRY about TMI. LM and LoS are enough for my heart and i did loved TID though i read it a couple years ago.

      red queen was so bland my goodness, thanks for your comment sweetie ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT!!! I mean the pictures were so creepy but sadly they were the only thing creepy about the book, the characters were just so dry. sad.
      omg no wayyy!! hahaha, im glad to hear you loved the grisha trilogy tho ❤


  11. may, i kid you not, i pushed through the entire mortal instruments series after reading TDA because i needed to check these off my cassie list UNTIL the last book. idek but i literally couldn’t handle reading about young jules and emma and fam and decided to “give the book a rest” and did not pick it up after that. tbh, i had just finished LOS and some wounds were still fresh but jesus, I JUST NEEDED TO PUSH THROUGH THE LAST BOOK and wow i love being a failure.
    girl, SAME with snow like ashes. except, i DNF’d the very first book because the love triangle was getting on my nerves before it had hardly started blooming.
    it actually saddens me a bit that i closed the door on miss. peregrines because i genuinely couldn’t find any huge faults with it but I LITERALLY DIDN’T CARE about the characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOURE NOT A FAILURE WHEN THE BOOKS ARE AN ETERNITY LONG that makes you a superhero actually
      i can’t believe you did that tho what a persevering queen

      i saw the love triangle for snow like ashes coming at ME FROM MILES AWAY LIKE A FRICKEN TRAIN AND I WAS JUST INTERNALLY SCREAMING sos
      okay wow same, like there was nothing wrong with it, but it was just so boring omg high five for similar tastes im crying my soul sister

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