Tuesday Top 10s

Top 10 Books I Need to Read Before 2019

tuesday top 10s final

in case you didnt know, i read a lot, like a lot, and sometimes i feel like ‘yeah i’m not doing too bad at this reading thing. sure my life is a mess and my social skills are lacking but this reading thing, yeah i totally got this’

. . . that is . . . until i look to my tbr and see how many HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOKS I STILL HAVENT READ

– cue existential crisis –

so in attempts to ‘pull my life together,’ i’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books i need to bloody read before 2019

someone needs to hold me to my word, like maybe punch me if i dont have this done, thanks you’re a hero

flower watercolour10. The Knife of Never Letting Go

Image result for the knife of never letting go cover


i have next to no idea what this series is about and the only book i’ve read from patrick ness was a Monster Calls, however, the ratings are high and everyone loves it and its been sitting on my tbr since i was born so why not?

flower watercolour9. The Kiss of Deception

Image result for the kiss of deception cover goodreads

i’ve heard this series gets progressively worse and the first book isn’t even that good to start with but IM SCARED IM GOING TO GET SPOILED FOR THE PLOT TWIST SO I GOTTA

flower watercolour8. Am I Normal Yet

Image result for am i normal yet cover goodreads

there are very few things i love more than realistic mental health representation in YAflower watercolour7. Exit West

Image result for exit west cover goodreads

another book that has been sitting on my tbr for years and im unsure what nationalities the characters are and which country it takes place in but im pretty sure it revolves around the middle east?? (correct me if im wrong) and im all here for it

flower watercolour6. Before She Ignites

Image result for before she ignites cover goodreads


THE COVER IS SO BEAUTIFUL and im shallow when it comes to book covers that is

flower watercolour5. Defy the Stars

Image result for defy the stars cover goodreads

i’m not a huge fan of claudia gray’s previous series. it was good but didn’t impress me beyond that. however, i hear this series is way better and i like to get my hopes up just so i can get disappointed

flower watercolour4. Grave Mercy

Image result for grave mercy cover goodreads

i know nothing about this book i feel like this should become my motto

but the cover model looks like a princess who knows how to kick butt, my aesthetic

flower watercolour3. Taylor Jenkins Reid Books

Related image Image result for taylor jenkins reid books Image result for taylor jenkins reid books Image result for evidence of an affair books






flower watercolour2. Beartown

Image result for beartown books

i literally only read 1 book from fredrik backman but i already stan

flower watercolour

1. The Diviners Series

Image result for the diviners series

i’m “currently” reading this book yeah right, im a liar, i’ve only read one chapter in the past 2 weeks but that’s not the point, the point is that everyone that reads this series propels themselves into the sun and i wanna join the party

flower watercolour

okay i doubt that i’m actually going to get all these books done before 2019 bc im a mood reader but also not?? it doesnt make sense. anyways tell me some books you need to read before 2019 and which of these book you have read and what you think of them?

have a great week y’all,


34 thoughts on “Top 10 Books I Need to Read Before 2019”

    Okay, yes, it’s rather tropey, but it still works?? Well, at least for me it did. I did like the first 2 books better than the last (my fav book being the 2nd). I’ve actually read the first 2 books like 3 times now and I enjoyed them each time 😀

    And I so feel ya on Before She Ignites! And oh wait, I also still need to read The Diviners series too! Legit, even my writing professor at college recommended The Diviners series and she like never reads YA/fantasy books!

    And you can do it! You can get these books read! I believe in you! 🙂

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    1. IM SO GLAD YOU LOVED THEM omg you reread like 3 times what a queen. this is giving me hope that i’ll enjoy them more BUT HONESTLY I JUST WANNA READ ABOUT THE PLOT TWIST IN BOOK 1

      lol, so many books how are we ever gonna keep up. wow really? honestly havent heard anything but raving about that series, we nEED TO GET A MOVE ON!

      thank youuuuu ❤


      1. Bahaha I kept reading them so many times because I first read them before the 3rd book was out, and then when I went reread them to complete the series, I fell into a reading slump and still didn’t finish the trilogy. I reread them last in July and finally completed the series so I could read Dance of Thieves!

        But yesss, I really hope you enjoy them when you read them. Omg yesss book 1 is so fun because in addition to Lia’s perspective, you get the perspectives of a prince and assassin, but the author doesn’t tell you right away which is which and it’s so much fun trying to figure out who is who!

        And yess, so many books! I kind of wish sleep wasn’t a thing so we would have more time in the day to read (but I also love sleep and napping so maybe scratch that).

        And yesss, we really need to get on this series, ahhhhh


    Sorry. I had to scream because I recently read this book and I LOVEED IT so much, the rep was fantastic and overall it was an amazing, brilliant book!! ❤ I hope you'll read itttttt.
    I have read The Knife of Never Letting Go and, to be honest…I was a little disappointed 😦 I feel like the black sheep, but something just, didn't click. I hope you'll like it though 😀

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    1. YES MA’AM!! ON IT IMMEDIATELY! I’ve literally heard nothing but amazing things about it and idek why ive put it off this long smh

      ahhh im sorry you didn’t love the knife of never letting go but thank youuuuu ❤ ❤

      have a great reading week ❤

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  3. NOT TO ENABLE BUT – I am reading One True Loves on the 15th if you want to buddy read it! Also, I love this list! I’ve been meaning to read Kiss of Deception for… EVER, seriously! I can’t wait to see what you think of them all, but I hope you love them! 💛xx

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    1. ahhhhh that sounds so EXCITING! i honestly would LOVE to join in to buddy read but i’m kinda swamped with books at the moment and idk if i’ll be free by the 15th but if i am, i’ll be sure to let you know bc buddy reading with you is like the best thing ever ❤
      cant wait to see what you think of it!

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  4. Great post May!! I hope you get to read at least half of these before 2019 comes 😂💕 (but omg there’s only like three more months left of 2018…wtf)

    I also want to read more of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books, especially after how much I loved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 😍 I also really need to read The Hate U Give and Six of Crows before 2019, given how much everyone loves those books!! Ahhh so many books and so little time, ugh :’)

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    1. im so shook that we’re almost DONE 2018 WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???

      YES SAME. like i wasn’t too eager to get to her books but after i read the seven husbands of eveyln hugo i was liKE INSTANT STAN

      OMG YOU NEED SOC in your life and the hate u give is so emotional im positive youre gonna love it

      thank you for the sweet comment my dear ❤ ❤

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  5. So many of these books of are on my TBR too – like The Kiss of Deception and The Knife of Never Letting Go. I think I have checked that book out from my library like…twice, but somehow or other never ended up reading it. ANYWHO, thanks for a lovely post 🙂

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    1. hahahha oh my gosh ISNT THAT THE WORST when you keep checking out a book and never get to it, so sad.
      thank you for your lovely comment, i hope you have a great reading week ❤

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  6. i ALSO have a copy of kiss of deception and still haven’t read it??? which i would add to my mental 10 books to get to by the end of the year list except uh…i don’t do well with TBRs and then at the end of the year i’d just be embarrassed

    also i’m going to be staring down your GR feed to see how you feel about the other taylor jenkins reid books?? i’ve only read evelyn hugo and i’m debating whether i really wanna get my hands on any of her others

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    1. girl same, i keep telling myself i have to get x books done by the end of the month and like,,,,,it doesnt happen

      YES YES YES i wanna read all her books even tho im slightly terrified i wont like them bc ive only read evelyn hugo but POSITIVE THOUGHTS
      and ill be waiting for you to review them and see your thoughts :*

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  7. “cover model looks like a princess who knows how to kick butt” ok but this. we need more assassin princess grim reaper nuns in this world.
    also I’m pretty sure that at this point, all of just live and talk under the mountain of tbr over us. it’s pretty great hahahasavemehaha.

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  8. Wow SAME to nearly all of these. i tried to read The Knife of Never Letting Go but I DNF’ed it because it was so boring and HEFTY if that makes sense. I’ve put a hold on The Diviners in my library and I’m SO excited. Ahem. I love posts like these because it’s so relatable and I feel less alone because OTHER PEOPLE ALSO HAVEN’T READ ALL THOSE HYPED BOOKS TOO.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg nO
      everyone loves it for some reason but im lowkey skeptical bc well,,,,,

      the diviners is just sitting in my phone begging to be read and im like, boi i cant HEAR ANYTHING

      dude same, i have so many books to read what on earth

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  9. I want to read all of these soon tooooooo, THE COVERS I’M CRYING ❤ ❤ except the Knife of Never Letting Go, ksdjfslk that book was so boring,,you can skip it and without any guilt or sadness c: c:

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      omg sis, give me that shade!! lol, im starting to wonder if i should pass bc while some people LOVE it a lot of reviewers hate it hmmMmmmMm, maybe i wont feel as guilty for leaving it by :p

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  10. I read Before She Ignites and didn’t really like it. The main character simply.. got on my nerves and I found the “evolution” she went through lacking. It felt more like a “first she’s this way, then she’s that way” kind of thing to me. Could’ve been me at that time though!
    Defy The Stars is on my TBR but.. no clue when I’ll read it. Honestly, right now I just want to read all those sequels I’ve been anticipating for SO LONG and still haven’t read. [Wildcard, Escaping from Houdini and Kingdom of Ash being the top three to read this year] Apart from that I really want to read Lifel1k3 and Ace of Shades as well. We’ll see how it goes, though. 😛

    Happy reading and good luck reading all these before the year’s over!


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