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Developments in Writing Part 4: In Which We Take on Too Much (but it works out in the end – well, sorta)

bookWhat is blogging? I clearly don’t know because I haven’t written a single thing in forever. But we won’t talk about my failures in that regard, let me direct you to some other things I’m lacking on.

Oh, what’s that? An actual plot??? A conflict?? How’d you guess.

Okay, we’ll I’m being slightly hard on myself. If you didn’t already know (which you should bc I mentioned it like 18 times, I’m participating in Nanowrimo this month and damn is it beating the crap out of me.)

Another very important fact you should know about me, I like lists, so let’s just list what we got.

flower1I’ve reached 67,000 words !! and i’m just, wow.

flower1in the month of november alone I wrote 16,200, (which averages around 1600 a day) so im actually really proud of that (even though a lot of it is filler, trash, and a hell of a long explanation for things that don’t need to be that long but STILL!!!!) editing is going to be hell

flower1once again, no CLUE where this is headed. a lot of the time, I just stare at my document and think what the heck have i gotten myself into

flower1i unintentionally gave my main character anxiety and then i was like oooooohhh, this might pose for a chance to get some mental health in here too it wasn’t my fault okay, i express myself through my characters

flower1word war with this root vegetable has been very helpful in motivating my lazy butt to write

flower1I’m surprised that it doesn’t take much time to get my word goal in. In hour perhaps is all you need.

So really, nothing concrete here, but now that I have partook in one-third of nanowrimo, I am therefore a qualified expert here to give you tips and tricks to beating this month with a stick (after it’s done with you obvs)

i’m going to include SOME helpful tips okay im not completely hopeless

terms and conditions may apply

flower2get 16 cups of caffeinated beverages and keep them next to you at all times. better yet, bring your coffee maker/tea kettle into your room for instant results

flower2NoisliΒ is actually a really beneficial website for blocking out all THE NOISE your little brothers make

flower2uhhh, don’t read what you wrote. just, just really don’t do it. wait till december. For now, just um, write blindfolded

flower2WORD. COUNT. IS. WHAT. MATTERS. PEOPLE. use basic words, and a LOT of them. (basically just keep writing ‘and’ after every word)

flower2keep a barf bag next to you in case you do sneak a quick look at your writing i warned you, didnt i?

flower2WRITE. EVERY. DAY. Even if its going to be 25 words that consist of self- loathing, DO IT, it’ll make for an epic character arc, trust me.

flower2it’s really hard, so if you need a crying buddy, hit me up

We πŸ™‚ have πŸ™‚ two πŸ™‚ more πŸ™‚ thirds πŸ™‚ of πŸ™‚ this πŸ™‚ to πŸ™‚ go πŸ™‚

help me.

okay so anyone else participating, if you need a word war buddy or just wanna scream into the void about your WIP, im your girl

Good luck everyone, we CAN DO THIS. (and tell me about your progress please, I really wanna know)





16 thoughts on “Developments in Writing Part 4: In Which We Take on Too Much (but it works out in the end – well, sorta)”

  1. I’m glad it’s going well for you, May. Your word count is awesome!!

    I have made some progress. I now have a list of poisons and potions one of my MCs will use and a general plot line I want to follow. We’ll see if I actually do it or not. lol.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow glad your getting some writing in though! totally get not re reading your writing it literally sucks up all your time going over mistakes and thinking things like “does this even make sense?” “did I really write this?” Good luck πŸ™‚


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