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UPDATE: Soz, for doing this but my best friend just made a blog and I’m so proud of her (even tho i know she’s going to lose interest in 0.46 seconds) BUT YOU SHOULD GO FOLLOW HER BC SHE’S HILARIOUS AND DRAMATIC AND PERFECT. okay, that’s all the compliments I will ever give you for the rest of you life. goodbye


Onward to the post….

A fabulous duck and a rood muffin tagged me to do this tag a little over a few hundred years ago but since I was busy not-reading, not-reviewing, and not-writing I put it off BUT I am back (momentarily) and before you continue on with this tag, I highly suggest you go check out said duck and said muffin because they’re basically everything you’ll ever want to be when you grow up.

Moving on to the tag:


  • Answer the questions below.
  • Credit the creator; Jamie at A Little Slice of Jamie.
  • Tag at least five people (brb checking that I know 5 people)
  • Have fun!


~ Where do you typically write your blog posts? ~

Uhhhhhh, on my lappy.

But since my lappy is a laptop (wow!) and is moveable that would refer to place and for that it would be either 1) my bed (bc I’m a sloth human who never leaves her bed) or 2) my dining table where I get most of my actual work (ha!) done


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Top 10 Greatest YA Worlds

tuesday top 10

YA has some incredible world building, no one can deny this. And even though sometimes you wouldn’t DARE to consider ever living in that world because its overruled by a beastly dictator or the Apocalypse is at hand we still adore these worlds with our fragile hearts.

And the fact remains that most of the time, we totally swap fictional worlds over our own.


10. Caraval

5. caraval

I know I’ve given Caraval a lot of crap over the months but it’s totally called for bc i felt so UNDERWHELMED when i finished it and i was promised action!packed!mystery!thriller! Anyways, even me and all my bitterness can acknowledge the fact that the world Stephanie Garber built was absolutely enchanting.

The plot and characters on the other hand, ehhh, not so much.

feather 2

9. Raven Cycle


Maggie knows how to WRITE. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that the Raven Cycle series was very character-driven and not very plot-based I can totally agree with that, but you gotta admit, the world Maggie crafted was absolutely *~magical~*. And her writing just kicks it up another notch.

feather 2

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Tea Time Talk: Inktober?? Motivation for Life? Tips to Stay Inspired and Humorous


That’s right,,,,i present to thee, a whole new segment introduced by yours truly to this very strange, very unorganized blog (that’s if anyone is still here listening to me)

So in this segment, i want it to be super chill, super relaxed, and super real, so i expect 10/10 attendance and participation from you guys (which can constitute under any of the following:

  1. cutting me off in the middle of my sentence
  2. whole hardheartedly disagreeing with me
  3. offering your opinion even if its wrong and mine is better
  4. falling asleep at any point in time
  5. etc. you can be creative okay)

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October TBR – 2017

monthly tbr

This is mad. It’s October already and I feel like we’re not even supposed to be mid-way through April. Why is time moving so fast and how can i stop it???

Anyone else excited for hot chocolate, hoodie wearing, book reading weather???

September had some CRAZY new releases and it was so difficult to keep up with them, so obvs they spilled over into this month, but i’m trying my best here okay, cut me some slack.



  1. Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

    23264671So, I was supposed to read Godsgrave last month, but I’m a rebel so I decided to put it off a month not really, i just wasn’t feeling it and i heard a semi-spoiler that had me reals pissed but apparently it’ll all make “sense” if i read it


2. Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo


I feel like such a fake for having this on my october tbr when it came out in september but I REALLY tried hard to read it, i was just going through that weird slump thingy and so i put it on hold. but my girls and i are planning on doing this soon, so hopefully peer pressure will help me finish this one


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September Wrap Up – 2017

month wrap up

September was a really rough month for me in the reading department. I felt like i was on and off slumping throughout the ENTIRE month and only these last few days have I really been feeling like I’m getting back onto a proper reading schedule. But damn, it was hard in the beginning.

Anywho, the past two weeks have been LITERALLY 35+ degrees here and Im going to blame that for my on and off slump bc i can’t do anYTHING IN THE HEAT. but thankfully it’s freezing again and my canadian blood is happy.

ALSO, it’s october which means its Inktober in the drawing community (if you dont know what it is, just click the link, lots of info) and i WASN’T initially planning on joining but I NEED TO IMPROVE and it seems like lots of fun so i thought what the heck, it’s 10am on october 1st, i can still join.

If anyone else is doing this challenge, y’all hit me up, we can share ideas and ish. This is my first year doing it (or attempting to at least) so let’s see how that turns out. (if i am REALLY happy with any of them i might do like an inktober wrap up here and share my drawings, idk just yet we’ll see)


Onto the wrap up,

  1. Ready Player One


Full review here!



2. Starflight


Full review here!


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Developments in Writing Part 3: In Which we Look at Aesthetics and Don’t Write At All


Check out part 1 and part 2 of Developments in Writing (if you want) they both basically blabbing fests (like this)

So I spent more time looking and pinning beautiful, aesthetic pictures on Pinterest than actually writing, which is like a totally normal thing to do as a writer (I know this bc I’m a verified writer okay, put those eyes of judgement away)

This literally took we 20 hours to make, so please be kind and praise my hardwork, thanks, appreciate ya!

(also, i was inspired by this idea from a lovely lady who is also an aspiring author so go check out her wonderful blog)

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Top 10 “If You Loved” Book Recs

tuesday top 10

~Disclaimer, disclaimer, don’t sue me if you happened to like one book and not the other or if you hated both books and found them to have no similarities or you’re feeling extra salty today and want to take it out on me (which, by all means, let’s be salty together) just. . .i’m a smol kid who is broke, okay~

Anyways,,,I’ve seen these rec kind things around and I thought it would be fun to make one for my Tuesday Top 10s bc who doesn’t love a good rec.

So below, I have recced you some books and I tried extra hard to compare popular books to not-so-popular books, to help everyone out.




Finding Audrey and Under Rose-Tainted Skies share the similarities of 1)mental health rep 2)cute, hilarious characters 3)love does NOT in fact, save all

both great mental health books that are charming and poignant, pick ’em up.

feather 2


Tell me Three Things and Letters to the Lost both express love, loss, and acceptance in very sweet, short books that will most definitely have you squealing and wiping your tears.

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