!Inktober Highlights!

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So…Inktober was a thing this year. I’m actually pretty proud of how well I kept up with this (I have a few missed days but no one is counting) and damn can I just say how much HARDER this turned out. I honestly didn’t realize how much I rely on being able to erase my mistakes ??? and even then they still aren’t perfect So great exercise and definitely a great challenge.

The beginning, like with most things, was the hardest just to get into the groove of it and after about a week, I was feeling more comfortable with it, and now i might actually be missing it ??? but I will not speak anymore, its time for your lovely eyes to judge me for yourself….

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Developments in Writing Part 4: In Which We Take on Too Much (but it works out in the end – well, sorta)

bookWhat is blogging? I clearly don’t know because I haven’t written a single thing in forever. But we won’t talk about my failures in that regard, let me direct you to some other things I’m lacking on.

Oh, what’s that? An actual plot??? A conflict?? How’d you guess.

Okay, we’ll I’m being slightly hard on myself. If you didn’t already know (which you should bc I mentioned it like 18 times, I’m participating in Nanowrimo this month and damn is it beating the crap out of me.)

Another very important fact you should know about me, I like lists, so let’s just list what we got.

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The Autumn Book Tag


Canada goes by many names some of them being Maple Syrup Land and Moose Land but in actuality, we are Frost Land bc its apparently autumn and we’ve already reached 0 degrees Celsius. I’m not complaining bc I love the cold

but that kinda means I have a limited time to participate in this tag, ha. ha.

I was tagged by the ever so lovely pumpkin pie and you should totally go check her out bc she’s aesthetic as heck and shes a lovely little child.

Onto the tag,

The rules:

  • Please link back to me, Bionic Book Worm, as the creator of this tag!!
  • Use the graphics – if you want 🙂
  • Have fun!


fall tag 1

Image result for warcross coverWarcross was such a refreshing book to read. Not only is the plot crazy unique and entertaining but it features a diverse set of characters that is just epicsauce all over.

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November TBR – 2017

monthly tbr

November is here?? This is madness, one more month away from 2018 im SHOOK. So, you probably know by now that I’m going to be participating (or trying at least) in NaNoWriMo and while it shouldn’t impact my reading schedule too much, I still wanna take it easy and not make it too hard on myself so i’m littering this TBR with graphic novels (i deserve this after 170 long as heck books).

why can’t we count our own books into our reading challenge???

  1. Renegadesrenegades-marissa-meyer-cover
  2. Starfish
    Image result for starfish cover by akemi
    Okay, so all of friends have been RAVING about this book and basically if it doesn’t blow me away im going to be a very sad bunny. Also Fake May says the rep is 11/10arrow

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The “Nope” Book Tag!


I’ve actually been meaning to do with tag for quite some time. Ever since I started watching A Booktube Book’s channel (shes become one of my favourite booktubers!) and found her to be the originator of this tag (i believe so) I was like damn need to get on this tag asap and I didn’t bc im a loser and other things but NOW I WAS TAGGED by a darling little muffin (<-you should totally check her out btw, shes adroable) so let’s dish out the salt.

ALSO don’t worry, there will be no spoilers, imma just keep everything vauge.


~ Nope Ending: a book ending that made you go nope either in denial, rage, or simply because the ending was crappy. ~

Oh my God, okay so, this is going to have to be Royal Bastards bc the ending pissed me off. Wait, no I’m not saying that right, there NOT-ending, pissed me off.



and bam, book done.




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Top 10 Books You Can Read in One Sitting

tuesday top 10This is a really slapped together post bc I haven’t posed in years and I have the beginning feelings of remorse, so soz and I hope you like this….whatever this is.

So, my peeps, I want you to know that I hear your cries. I know the cruel world has made reading tough this time of year whether it be school or work or if you’re just going through a terrible slump , but I hear you and I am HERE to help!

I kept in mind that these books should be a decent length (to be able to consume in one sitting) but should also be HELLA entertaining bc no one wants to sit through a bore fest, no matter how short the book is

And so I have compiled this list especially for your needs! Don’t ever say I wasn’t helpful

10. Speak

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I read this book quite a long time ago and though I don’t remember much from it, it’s basically a modern classic and it concerns a pretty important topic (trigger warning for rape) so if you looking for something a little heavy on the emotions, here ya are

autumn leaf

9. The Princess Saves Herself in This One

Related image

OKAY, this book is really a hit-or-miss bc half the community hates it while the other half loves it. I’m on the loving it side and yes they’re basically tumblr quotes that someone pressed the enter key after each thought BUT ITS A QUICK READ AND I LOVED IT OKAY

autumn leaf

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